Acid Rain’s Effects on Our Lives

November 20, 2019 Off By admin

You have definitely heard of such ecological problem as acid rain, yet when asked about its nature most people are at a loss. Acid rain is the so-called by-product of certain industries and vehicles. They emit sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which under the influence of the sun and moisture change into sulphates and nitrates and then into sulphuric and nitric acid that come down as acid rain. This phenomenon seems to have a variety of negative effects on our lives.

Firstly, it affects natural vegetation and crops, ruining or damaging them as well as destroying nutrients present in the soil. Moreover, acid rain leaches harmful elements like mercury and aluminium from the soil and stones and then they get into lakes and rivers poisoning the water and killing some aquatic forms of life. As all living organisms are interdependent, the death of one link in the food chain may affect other ones. For instance, animals that depend upon fish or plants to survive will begin to suffer because of acid rains. Humans also depend on plants and animals, so the loss of plant and animal life means the loss of food sources for us. In addition, acid rain gets into the food we eat, the water we drink as well as into the air we breathe and has harmful effects on our health. For example, if such a harmful element as mercury gets into your body, it might cause the development of serious illnesses.

All things on our planet are affected by this problem. Therefore, it is time for us to start doing something to solve it.